Monday, October 8, 2018

{Blog Tour & Giveaway} Ink Blotted Beka

Hello, Spirits! I hope you're off to a wonderful Sunday, thus far! 😊 Today, I'm delighted to share the work of artist Ink-Blotted Beka, who's launched a wonderful new Instagram and Facebook -- and takes commissions! But more about that, later. 😉 First, here's some of the work she's done...

A Peek in the Portfolio

(all rights remain with the artist)

Heartless (Anne Elisabeth Stengl) alternate cover concept.

Starflower (Anne Elisabeth Stengl) title character fan-art.

Fairest Son (H.S.J. Williams) couple fan-art.

Beren & Lúthien (J.R.R. Tolkien) heroine fan-art.

Marvel Universe (Disney) Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow fan-art.

Five Magic Spindles: the Man on the Buckskin Horse (Rachel Kovaciny) Rosalind Owens fan-art.

Masque (W.R. Gingell) Lady Isabella Farrah fan-art.

About the Artist

Beka hails from the Great White North (a.k.a. Canada), where she reads, dreams, and doodles away. She loves bringing characters from the written page to the visual eye, and dabbles in pencil and coloured pencil and the occasional watercolor. Her dream is to one day get into digital art and save some trees.

Facebook // Instagram


Enter below for a chance to win free character art, drawn by Beka!

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Tour Schedule

Oct. 1

Anne Louise Twitchell - Spotlight

Tammy Lash - Spotlight

Savannah J. - Spotlight

Oct. 2

Jenelle Schmidt - Spotlight

Bryn Shutt - Spotlight

Oct. 3

Skye - Spotlight

Katie Hanna - Spotlight

Oct. 4

Rebkah DeVall - Spotlight

Elizabeth Brown - Interview

Oct. 5

Penny Wood - Interview

Fran Laniado - Interview

Oct. 6

W.R. Gingell - Spotlight

Grace Mullins - Spotlight

Oct. 7

Rachel Rossano - Interview

Sarah - Spotlight

Oct. 8

Anna Willis - Spotlight

Grace Maples - Spotlight

Serethiel - Spotlight

Ann Marie Pavese - Spotlight

Congratulations, Beka! I'm so excited for you and this thrilling new venture!

Spirits! Have you entered the giveaway?

Happy reading!


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