Thursday, June 7, 2018

Where Trains Collide by Amber Stokes // A Phenomenal Tale of Love, Trains, & Hearts Made Whole


Trisha had a dream, a painted masterpiece of what her future might be -- until all her hopes finally burnt out.

Ever since I read my first Amber Stokes book back in 2016, I knew I needed more! So when Amber announced the release of her latest novella, Where Trains Collide, a couple months ago, I signed up as a reviewer without a moment's hesitation! And oh, my friends, I'm so glad I did. 💖

Where Trains Collide tells the story of Trisha Knolane, a college student who has little hope of a happy ending. Haunted by the stress of homework and classes, she gives in to her impulsive side -- and ends up on a train to Oregon, longing to find renewed strength. If only her ex-boyfriend weren't on the train, too.

THIS BOOK!!!! Oh my word.

The characters were amazing. So human, so relatable. Trisha's pressure in college, the life she wants compared to the life she has. Paul's goodness and chivalry was charming, and the two's romance was absolutely darling!

The setting was sweet and adventurous. From the very start of the story, when Tricia anxiously awaits her train, I could just feel the anticipation, from the darkness of the night, grayed by the streetlamps, to the mounting thrill of a new experience. All the little nods to Humboldt County, and the immersive descriptions of Oregon, completely captured my heart.

But my favorite thing about this book was the message.

You see, this book came at such a perfect time for me. Trisha's internal battle over her student life and her future were SO. CRAZY. RELATABLE. Watching her journey (both emotionally and travel-wise) changed me. And I totally cried while reading it! (Which, for the record, I consider a plus. This book had a serious impact on me!)

Where Trains Collide changed my heart for the better. It taught me that God has a plan -- for your life, and for mine. He doesn't forget. He never changes. He knows our stories... and our stories aren't finished, yet.

On that note, GO READ THIS! I'm 110% certain you'll fall in love with it. 😊

NOTE: I received a free copy of Where Trains Collide from the author, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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Have a wonderful evening! ❤


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